Archbishop Frimpong Manson

kweku frimpong

Archbishop Kweku Frimpong Manson (BEM)

Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong Manson affectionately known as ‘Semanhyia’, is a Social Activist and a Community Leader. He is a people’s person and possesses the qualities of leadership that communities and individuals need for a successful outcome. 

His energetic persona and quiet confidence enable him to offer help and support to people in times of personal difficulties. He is a man of vision, empathy, wisdom, and sensitivity. Archbishop Kwaku Frimpong-Manson is trying to change the status quo by embracing diversity and equal opportunity. He has an open door policy for everyone – Jews, Muslims, atheists – everyone has access to him.

Archbishop was consecrated as a Free Standing Bishop for North London and UK under the auspices of the Apostolic Congress of Great Britain in 2002, and followed on to become a member of the ‘Churches Together’ in Britain and Ireland (CTBI).

Background in UK

Archbishop Frimpong first came to the UK in 1984 for a short holiday, then returned again in 1987 – and has stayed since. On his arrival to the UK in 1987, he settled down in the Brixton area and established a branch of his Born-Again Evangelistic Ministry International (Reconciliation International) church there.
In July 1989 he relocated to Haringey and stayed in an accommodation in South Tottenham. From there, he and his family moved to Tottenham and took up residency on the Broadwater Farms estate in 1990. He was eventually elected as Chair of Broadwater Farms Residents Association between 1994 – 2002. He represented approximately 5000 people from 40 countries. This saw him at the forefront of economic and social degeneration, and greater involvement of residents in the management of their own estate.

Career and Community Work

Archbishop Frimpong has been a strong voice on behalf of his local community, and very instrumental in turning Broadwater Farms estate around to become a thriving area to live in.


  1. When Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old British man was fatally shot and wounded by police in Tottenham, North London, on 4 August 2011, this triggered riots and unrest in both North London and most cities in the UK. Archbishiop Frimpong Manson took it upon himself to become the center of negotiations between angry rioters, the family and the police – which later witnessed the restoration of peace and calm in the community.
  2. Facilitated the building of the Broadwater Farms Health Centre – becoming the current chair of the Project Management Team  
  3. Facilitated the building of the Broadwater Community Centre and became a Trustee
  4. Facilitated the Broadwater Enterprise Workshops and was the Director of the Broadwater Enterprise Centre. 
  5. Also, a Haringey Police Chaplain, and a free Church Chaplain of St Ann’s Hospital,
  6. Founding member of the Haringey Peace Alliance
  7. The Chair of ‘Christians Together in Tottenham’ from 1997 – 2000. 
  8. The Chair of the Parent Teacher Association of St David and St Katherine secondary school in Hornsey, now known as Creig City Academy
  9. A member of the Borough Deans of Haringey,
  10. A coordinating Chair of all the Ashanti subjects’ resident in the United Kingdom,
  11. A trustee of the Ebenezer Welfare Centre in Tottenham,
  12. Foremost Community Bereavement Minister.
  13.  Community Youth Engagement Mentor 
  14. Member of the Community Cohesion Project and the SANKOFA Project.
  15. Chair of the BWF Residents Association – successfully re-established the BWFRA as a leading campaign and lobbying group, able to fight for and gain many benefits for the community.


  1. RECON Community Leaders Awards
  2. Regeneration of Broadwater Farm Estate Award
  3. Sankofa Youth Exchange Programme Award
  4. Reconciliation Health, palliative Care and bereavement Support Service Award
  5.  (2003) – Ghana Professional Achievers Award (Religion & Social Care).
  6. (2004) – African Caribbean Evening Certificate of Merit
  7. (2005) – ACEA and Premier Radio Roll of Honours for outstanding contribution to Black Christian Faith in UK
  8. (2007) – INGO Achievement Award – for Promoting & Impacting UK Community Relations
  9. (2007) – Calvary (CCBC) Community Award 
  10. (2010) – Community Leadership
  11. (2016) – British Empire Medal Award (BEM) by Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain, in recognition of services to the Afro-Caribbean community in the UK and Europe by extension.