Linda Appiah


Linda Appiah, LLB(Hons) PG Dpl

Linda is a barrister, qualified to practise in England and Wales and in Ghana. She began her career in Surrey, then brought her practise and wealth of experience to London. She has practised as a prosecutor in criminal law on behalf of the Crown, County Councils and the Probation authorities, amongst others; defended people in all types of offences and now largely focuses her work in a broad practise, representing people in all types of cases, including crime, housing, immigration and landlord & tenant, amongst others.

Her understanding of the complex and difficult issues in people’s legal cases, allows her to assist those in need and those who are the most vulnerable in society.

She is also a strong believer in equality, working as part of the Executive of Africa Awareness Initiative, based in London, and a member of Star 100, networking to bring people of colour in the diaspora together.

Linda started working with Omega Live TV in 2020, bringing her own determination to educate people on the law to the fore. A great believer in self-awareness and determination, Linda brings highly complex legal issues into our homes even fortnight, with the desire to ensure the public can ask for her help on any problems they have.